Today I choose the truth of forgiveness, I choose to see you as Love sees you.

I substitute my resentments for the joy of miracles.

If you feel attacked, you have identified yourself with an image of scarcity and loss, and you are defending it.

You are not the form – body. You are not an image.

By attacking, you are perceiving yourself as an image – body. You think you protect yourself, that you need to survive to keep the idea of ​​that false image of yourself and the «other».

When you attack, you defend your image. You are denying, rejecting, putting a shadow on who you really are.

What scares you? The idea that you are a form – body? Or the idea that your reality is presence – light?

Although you reject your true identity, even if you try to find it behind a thousand images, it remains intact and impeccable, free from «sin.»

Ask for the miracle, seen as another way of perceiving, to replace all the images that you believe obscure your reality. They are just images of resentment and guilt. Release them today, forgive them and do not hold on to them any longer. The shadows can not exist without you.

Do not wait any longer to say yes to the miracle, yes to life, yes to perceiving yourself in another way.

Today choose forgiveness, allow yourself to perceive yourself as love sees you

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